let us cuddle together until I die !

I never thought I could love someone to this point where I can’t imagine my life without that “someone”.

Being the only child to my parents,I never had to share anything with others..Infact I never learned to share.but after seeing you,watching you loving me to this extend,I wonder whether in my entire life did I loved someone or even cared about others.Answer is a big No..but you being in my life ,everything is different and each day you are showing me a different way of seeing things.Let me tell you this,I didn’t like you at first.You were like a scary dream for me.I literally tried to keep a distance between you and me.But I really dont know when things started to change.May be when you came so close to me for the first time,may be when you looked right through my eyes trying to say things to me or may be when you actually tried to jump on me to hug me.I remember the first time we sat together and had our lunch.After finishing your’s ,you looked at me.You might have thought that I will share my food with you.But I just didn’t care at all and went on eating my food.You never got angry or sad on me.

The very next day,early morning you came to my room,got on my bed and cuddled with me.You literally gave me a heart attack.I screamed and went to amma saying you are such a scary thing and I really dont like you..Haha..but you never gave up on me.you continued your hobby of waking me up and I started enjoying it.One day I found myself cuddling up with you and let me tell you,I just loved the feeling of you next to me.

From then on,we started liking eachother a lot..may be I started loving you a lot.Each day passed by,and I really found myself in a loop of love which noone else could give me.I found my little world of happiness in your eyes.Thanks for never giving up on me and changing me completely into a human. Noone ever waited for me to get back home like you.

Now I know that you are not well and you get hurt a lot,but still u want to play with me,so that I should not get hurt by seeing you suffering.When I put medicime on your wounds,you never look at me like it’s paining,so that I should not feel sad by seeing you like this.


Let us cuddle together until I die !