‘Yes yes,iam out of it..not completely..but soon i will be fine..noo,iam trying..its not happening..its killing me each day’

I have heard this kind of stuffs from almost every girl I meet right after a breakup.Trying hard to come out of the relationship and then end up crying badly at nights and finding yourself in a mess of thoughts.I had a friend who killed herself for her lost love.Seriously dude!Why dont you just forget your past?Why do you still stuckup on people who doesn’t need you in their life?You should learn to moveon.Its your life and if you are spoiling it for someone who dont deserve to be in your life,then there’s no point in living a life like this.Wear a smile and go for a long joirney.Instead of wasting your time for those jerks who simply put you aside like a trash,show them who you really are.Pack your bags,go to random places or spend some time with your parents.Live your life for your parents who have given you so much and Just totallyyyy forget the past.pick up only few beautiful memories from the past and bury the other memories deep down your heart.Just dont take it anymore.Move on and at somepoint of time,you will meet your soulmate,who will give you a lot to remember and smile.Live in present and your future will be beautiful.

And you,huh you itself..why dont you just put a smile on your face now and say goodbye to your so called love life and past?



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