At times I think like this,’why are we living in this World?’wheather to please others or to satisfy ourselves!My answer is always to satisfy ourselves,but will endup doing everything to please others.

Being a girl,i have always faced lots of problems.Be it from my own family or from other people.There is always been a set of belief in homosapiens,that a girl should always be in the kitchen,she should take care of others,take care of households and take care of herself.Her main duty is to see wheather others are satisfied by the way she is.It is seen from the ancient period itself,where the men goes for hunting and women remains there to cook and serve.Its high time to make a change in this scenario.I find this kind of attitude and thought more in the Indian society.women always try to satisfy herself but end up satisfying others. I thought a change will happen when a women go for job.But it happened the other way around.She is suppossed to do all the household work and then go fo job.After getting back from job,she should start doing housework again,feed the children,takecare of husband,serving him dinner..each and everything she has to do.What will happen if the husband serve food for one day,what will happen if he takescare of the children,why cant he help her out ?Iam not telling to help her completely but he can give a helping hand.thats where you can call yourself a man with pride.Society might tell,’look at him,being a man and doing household work,sooo bad’…but trust me,society will keep telling like this only.They just need something to say.When they get another topic,there focus on you will change.So dont worry about the people around you.Its you who should built a happy family,not the society.Be bold enough to make a change in this custom of seeing women as mere housemaids.Lets get together and lend a helping hand to those women at our home.You start at home,slowly the society will change.

Here’s a big salute to all the women out there who is continously working to see a smile in others face.





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